Our Story

Gary occasionally contributes to the blog as a guest poster - read his posts here!

Life has this way of being completely unpredictable but absolutely perfect at the same time. I think so many times, people forget to count their blessings through both the best and worst of times, I am no exception. Until now.

This is my second chance. Gary gave me my second chance.

Our history is a mix of new and old. We first met, really, in the 8th grade. My family and I moved to a Navy base in my hometown of Yokosuka, Japan, and his dad was finishing up the final year of his orders there. We spent 1 year at the same school, during which time we had many of the same friends, ran in similar social circles, he even dated one of my best friends to this day... yet we never really met. When he moved away, I forgot all about him and when I finally moved back to the U.S. in 2002, his family moved back (without him, as he went to college) to that base a year later. It wasn't until 2010 when we were reconnected, this time through Facebook. He saw my picture through our mutual friends pop up one day - at that point, I had recently left my very controlling first husband who did not allow me to have many friends, let alone male friends. As if by fate, my friends from our hometown told me to come to the beach with them, and for the first time ever, I was able to. These are the pictures Gary saw and friended me. One day, I was on Facebook chat (something I never use) and he popped up. "Julia Morey" was all he said, and through the thousands of miles (he was living with his parents in Yokosuka again after graduating and being unable to find a job; I was in California) his heart reached mine.

At the time, I was semi-seeing someone else who actually won me over - what a stupid mistake that was. I was talking to this guy for a year, and it was going nowhere. Looking back, I have no idea why I even bothered. Gary talked my ear off about it, as he was my shoulder when I needed to vent about this asshole who wouldn't leave me alone (but I didn't exactly stop letting him back in, either... anyway), telling me to stop talking to him, that he was no good, et cetera et cetera. I knew he was right, but other guy was here and Gary wasn't. And of course the icing on the cake was I thought I could get the other guy to care. I thought I could change him... but through it all, I learned a lot about myself. 1) A guy shouldn't need to be changed and 2) I deserve better. So after a few (long, long weeks) of telling Gary to leave me alone, I (virtually, since physically was impossible) crawled back to him on hands and knees and told him he was right.

Even from a distance, Gary was the one for me.

So a couple months later, in October, Gary visited California. We saw each other for the first time since we were 13 - 12 years later! We flew to Washington DC for a wedding, came back to California and a few days later, he was gone again. The following February, I visited Japan to see him/go home for the first time in 9 years. It was an incredible trip in and of itself, but this was the trip that also sealed the deal: we were pregnant. I flew home with the ultimate oops/souvenir. He packed up and moved here to California in July and we've been together ever since. The in-between time was us spending literally every waking moment Skyping, texting, emailing, messaging, whatever. He woke me up in the morning to get ready for work, as the time difference usually meant he was just getting home or about to go to bed. I felt every nerve in my body ignite with fear when the terrible magnitude 9 earthquake hit Northern Japan in April 2011 and I couldn't get ahold of him yet could watch the events unfold streaming live online. And the feeling of relief when he finally landed in California and we were able to spend the remainder of our pregnancy together (4 months).

This man... what can I say. I was going through a somewhat sad, ugly divorce and was involved with someone else. I was at my lowest of low points when he met me, yet with all my hang-ups and skeletons in the closet, we fell in love over Skype (who does that?!). Perhaps it's because we met when we were a bit older, or because we went through some tough stuff to get to that intersection that finally joined us together. He can't tell me what it is about me any better than I can tell him what it is about him. We are so alike in so many ways, yet so different. And then there's our first son, the light of our lives and his clone. In the time we have been together, both during our initial interaction, official togetherness, life together and marriage on May 16, 2012, we have gone the distance and more. I look forward to the beautiful path we are taking into the future, together.