Hi and welcome! I'm Julia, mama by day and night, blogger in between, and probably a whole slew of other things too. I am a long-time, on again/off again blogger who first discovered writing about things nobody really cares about but reads anyway in the early 2000s. Since then, I've hopped from place to place, saving nothing along the way. I've been chronicling my adventures of motherhood and company since January 2012 after a long break from blogging in general (about 6 years or so). I try to blog at night, when my family is asleep. Any mom will tell you that no matter how many times they hear "sleep when baby sleeps", they really hear "play/drink wine/be a normal human being when baby sleeps!!!". Or at least, that's what I hear...

Then there's my day job, which is actually a night job. I'm a registered nurse, currently working in a level III NICU in a local children's hospital. Let me tell you, I love what I do. I gained experience on a small pediatric floor in a community hospital in Iowa (where I was hired for my first job, moved there all the way from the left coast to work for them) and after 10 months, was hired by my current unit into a nursing specialty I have been working towards since before nursing school. It feels great to finally be here and overall, there hasn't been a day since I started working as a nurse that I dreaded going to work. Sure, of course I'd rather stay at home with my family! But once my feet hit the pavement, I'm all about work.

A few random tidbits: one day, I want to be a professional writer. My favorite color is green. Coffee is my lifeblood, which comes as no surprise considering my multiple professions. I have a seriously crazy sweet tooth. I was born and raised for some of my early life in Japan, but I lived in California for most of my late childhood and my entire adult life - I am a California Girl through and through. I am an avid snowboarder. I'm an sci-fi and fantasy junkie. Whovian through and through. Anything medieval, fairy tale, romantic period, mythical creature related. I hate sleeping with socks on, even during the winter time. And one day, I'd like to finally be able to finish a story, or even a blog post, less awkwardly.