Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday's Ten Happy Things

Being real is so important, but most people think "being real" means being a bitch. In my world, being real is simply being thankful for what I have, no matter how big or how small. So every Friday, I want to acknowledge these little moments that made my week with this link-up, thanks Helga!

1. Off for the weekend! Plus, my parents are in town! We've been super swamped at work lately, offering all kinds of overtime with additional bonuses. It could have been SO easy to pick up some hours this weekend, but I'd rather spend my precious time off with my family.

2. Coffee, thank you for being a friend.  

3. I am currently blogging. On my iPad. In bed. Things just got real!

4. Pay day. Not going to lie, we stretched ourselves a tad thin this last week on the count of paying my hospital bill for delivering Julian. Getting paid was extra nice today. 

5. Appreciation in the form of food. Case in point, In N Out food truck and free burgers for dinner last night for Night Shift Appreciation.

6. My babies make me so proud. Julian has learned to roll over onto his tummy. Daniel learned "I want" at speech therapy today.

7. Babywearing success! Julian didn't mind being put in the mei tai carrier yesterday. He usually fights it pretty hard.

8. Sweet babies. It's hard being away from my kids to be at work, but one of my patients is an older baby who's smile melt my heart. She made it easier being away from my happy boys by being so happy herself. 

9. One word: Naps.

10. My new work shoes are to-die-for pretty. 

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