Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up

Our week wasn't very eventful; with it being so hot out and the difficulties of leaving the house with an infant who hates being in the car, we spend a lot of time indoors in the air conditioned comfort of our home.

I wrapped up my work week on Friday morning, slept off and on, and had my parents over for the weekend that early evening. Gary and my dad threw 10 lbs. of soy-marinated short ribs and pineapple on the grill, which we enjoyed with some delicious in-season white corn and a fresh garden salad. My mom and I stayed inside with the boys so she could get some quality snuggle time in with them.

Gary and I tag-teamed breakfast the next morning: "homemade" biscuits using Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay biscuit mix (SO good!) with scratch made turkey gravy (shout out to my father-in-law for teaching us his gravy-making ways) and some simple scrambled eggs.

After a lazy morning, Gary and my dad took Daniel to pick up my uncle, who lives nearby, and we all headed to the Anaheim Packing District for a walk-around and some lunch. There was a live band playing, tons of merchants and restaurants galore, an over-all family friendly place that Gary and I need to really explore in depth very, very soon.

Today, our Sunday was spent doing absolutely nothing asides from a few chores around the house. We had our friends over for a play date for a few hours.

Also worth noting:

  • This blog is officially! It's been a long time coming, and part of the reason it took so long for me to commit to buying a URL is because I just wasn't sure how I'd feel about the name at this time, when I started blogging 3 years ago. Now that my desire to blog has returned, I still enjoy this name for my little corner of the web.
  • This is everything. Lots of my favorite things come in mugs and now, so can a yummy chocolate chip cookie!
  • My lovely & creative friend Stacy kicked off her Creative Market account with a lovely stock photo! Go check it out!
  • With Christmas right around the corner and our family unit complete, I'm finally ready to commit to what I want our holiday stockings to look like (first world problems, anyone?).
  • I don't put nearly enough emphasis on reading with Daniel as I should be, but luckily he has a natural interest in books - he got it from his mama. I want to make sure to instill the same love for books in Julian. This is a great list of books to start with.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday's Ten Happy Things

Being real is so important, but most people think "being real" means being a bitch. In my world, being real is simply being thankful for what I have, no matter how big or how small. So every Friday, I want to acknowledge these little moments that made my week with this link-up, thanks Helga!

1. Off for the weekend! Plus, my parents are in town! We've been super swamped at work lately, offering all kinds of overtime with additional bonuses. It could have been SO easy to pick up some hours this weekend, but I'd rather spend my precious time off with my family.

2. Coffee, thank you for being a friend.  

3. I am currently blogging. On my iPad. In bed. Things just got real!

4. Pay day. Not going to lie, we stretched ourselves a tad thin this last week on the count of paying my hospital bill for delivering Julian. Getting paid was extra nice today. 

5. Appreciation in the form of food. Case in point, In N Out food truck and free burgers for dinner last night for Night Shift Appreciation.

6. My babies make me so proud. Julian has learned to roll over onto his tummy. Daniel learned "I want" at speech therapy today.

7. Babywearing success! Julian didn't mind being put in the mei tai carrier yesterday. He usually fights it pretty hard.

8. Sweet babies. It's hard being away from my kids to be at work, but one of my patients is an older baby who's smile melt my heart. She made it easier being away from my happy boys by being so happy herself. 

9. One word: Naps.

10. My new work shoes are to-die-for pretty. 

Ditz Revolution

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday Right Now

Reading: I'm very in-between books right now. I just finished reading The Giver and have several books started on my Nook app. If you have a suggestion, let me know in the comments.

Watching: Doctor Who season 8. It's finally on Netflix and I'm torn between a mad dash to the finish line so I can watch season 9 from its' debut, and savor one every last morsel of it - slowly. 

Feeling: Anxious for the coming week, we have a few doctors appointments for both boys, which is always stressful. 

Loving: Our evening dips in the pool. It's been so hot lately that it's hard to make it outside with the baby, so we wait the early evening so we all can enjoy a bit of fresh air. Chocolate chip mug cookie and milk. And as always, Daniel and Julian. 

Planning: A nice weekend with my parents in town, hoping I can come up with a tasty meal to send them home on Saturday night! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

On Growing Pains

Life has been hectic for the boys and I lately. We are eyeballs-deep in four month sleep regression with Julian (don't let anyone tell you it isn't real - it is so painfully, desperately so!), so sleep is a bit of a hot mess for Gary and I. On top of that (or perhaps, a contributing factor?), Jude is already rolling from back to front and once he successfully gets his arm out from under him, belly flops his little body in a decently size perimeter around himself. 

Doesn't he realize how much he hurts my feelings by growing and developing this quickly?!It's made being in his play yard a bit more hairy also, but he's yet to Houdini his way out of his bouncy. Did I mention he's only 4 months old? 

Daniel starts speech therapy this week, every week, for an unforeseen amount of time. He's made leaps and bounds lately in his vocabulary; ABCs are a cinch, he can count to 13 (random, I know) and backwards from 10, can recognize the letters and numbers he sees, name about 8 colors (especially red for Lightening McQueen, and blue for Thomas the Train), along with adamantly telling us what he doesn't want. 

But he is still not where he needs to be, not even close; the therapist at his speech evaluation also suggested behavior deficits that along with his speech delay, may suggest he falls somewhere on the Autism Spectrum. We have a consultation with a neurologist coming up very soon and are in the process of getting him into the school district for more therapies. Without delving too much into this difficult aspect of his life, especially since we don't have even a formal diagnosis, I will stop here and just give an update at a later time.

Our boys are growing so much every single day. Nothing in life is pain free but here we are, thriving together as a family. That's all we can ask for.