Friday, April 12, 2013

Keep moving. Just keep moving.

Well, I did it. I went and found a job! A for real, grown up, what-I-went-to-school-for, JOB. I'm still in complete and total disbelief over the idea that a hospital has finally given me the benefit of the doubt, brought me in to interview me, and come to find out that they actually like me. My "we'll have a decision by Friday or Monday, by the latest" response from the manager turned out to be a "I'd love to offer you the position" on early Thursday afternoon...

The only catch. I traveled, far AND wide, for this job. All the way to Sioux City, Iowa. And what's even more is we'll actually be living in South Dakota!

What the what?

Where are these places?

I know. It's a long way away from Southern California; from my dear sweet parents in San Diego and my huge extended family in Riverside and Orange Counties, but I'll have my boys and this sweet new job in my dream nursing specialty: pediatrics! And what's more, I'll eventually have a chance to cross-train to NICU and Mother/Baby! Could not be more worth the 3 year wait or thousands of miles traveled for the interview, I tell you!

My journey started in Minneapolis, where my dad's oldest brother and his family live. They've been living there since I was 8 or 9, with the majority of my aunt's family being spread out around Minnesota and Iowa. My aunt, who was at one point a registered nurse and is now a nurse practitioner, was there with me every step of the way - from the moment I got out of the airport and into the cold, blustery, snow-filled spring air to the 2 days we spent in Iowa driving around and being places. Without her, my trip would have been very difficult, and lonely!

I had two interviews that week - in the capitol city of Des Moines, then three hours away in Sioux City. The same week I applied and was called by the hospital in Des Moines, the manager of a hospital in Sioux City called me to set up an interview for her pediatrics/ICU/NICU nurse position - HOLLA girlfriend! We scheduled the interview. I went in. Nailed it. I mean, I could not have had a better interview. Their questions weren't way out in left field about imaginary coworkers and what I would do if they did such and such. They asked me real questions to see what I was about, what kind of experiences I had with kids. And I answered them with experiences I had not only as a student nurse, but as a nurse aide for hospice. It was with these questions that I was able to share the experiences I've had and the passion that is within me to be a pediatric nurse, and I'm sure they saw that passion light up my face. It was an incredible experience.

So now, we're here. Packing up our lives again, a little over a year after Gary moved us here to Irvine. With each passing day, as I close another box of household items that we're slowly packing over the next 2 weeks (it was 3 weeks when we started), I'm realizing this new chapter in our lives is coming fast. I think we're ready. Gary will finally get to complete grad school and what's more, he will get to stay home and be closer to our son! And me, I finally get to realize my dream of being a registered nurse. The degree I earned after years of blood, sweat, and tears and hours of studying, I finally get to use it!

The support of my family has been unbelievable. First of all, Gary, who never wanted to move to the Midwest at all, gave me the ok to start looking wherever I could find a job. My aunt in Minneapolis. My parents have been supportive both emotionally, by not crying but realizing this is what I need to start my career, and financially to get me to my interviews and help us move. I'm going to miss my parents, the rest of my family, and all of my friends so much but through all of this, I realize now that the nice thing about home is you can always go back.

Home is where you make it, too.

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