Tuesday, February 5, 2013

On Blog Identity and a Little Personal, Too

Okay, ladies and gents. It's official. I am having a blog identity crisis. I have zero idea in what direction my blog is headed in and I feel like my post subjects are all across the board. 

Actually, my problem with this is probably pretty indicative of how I feel about the rest of my life - total chaos. My apartments in shambles, my MonkeyBoy and I stay in pajamas for most of the day (sometimes through his first nap!), laundry gets done but remains largely unfolded and/or put away, kitchen cleaning consists mostly of using the dishwasher and spot-cleaning, and I'm not even sure what's going on in my head these days.

I think the one thing (err, two things) I can count on to not be confusing are my relationships (Gary, baby, ETC) and that time is flying by way too fast for me to catch my breath (insert loop of previous paragraph here). I really, truly want to know how other moms seem to be able to do it all! I mean, don't they stay in their pajamas all day, reheating cold coffee and chasing their kids around the toys on the ground to change their diaper? And can we talk about spilled milk for a minute? And how much I miss nursing because spilled milk never made it past my t-shirt? There are Cheerio fragments on the ground (thank GOD that's easy to vaccuum), the plastic sheet under his high chair is... gross right now from dinner, it shames me to admit. It looks like World War III up in here with all the toys lying face-down on the ground!

And here, I sit sipping tea, enjoying a cupcake and blogging about how crazy life is. I swear, I do NOT have ADD or anything like that (clinically diagnosed, anyway). Sometimes, you just need to let it all hang out. But really, I am having a blog identity crisis so please bear with me as I hash some things out and discover what it is I'm really trying to say. I'm coming to grips with having a toddler, having a period again and not breast feeding while simultaneously realizing I'm suddenly not sleep-deprived, so I realize things are slowly going back to normal - as normal as can be with a child to care for, but you know. Normal.


  1. I think for me sometimes it helps to take a step back and cut back on blogging and live life a little more in order for the ideas to start coming in. Also, taking advantage of a notepad and jotting down any topics that you may think of before you forget always helps. And lastly, I always follow other fellow bloggers and when I read some of their content it may help me with come up with my own, or do like a response type of post to whatever question they may have asked. I love your blog btw! Keep it up! :)

    1. I like the response-post idea! That is a great one, thank you! See, I think my problem is when I'm not physically at the computer (which is a lot lately), I don't think about my blog. Like, at all. So to randomly see something and think "hey, that'd make a great blog post" NEVER happens. I wish it did. It's not that I'm not committed to blogging, it's just in the rush of daily stuff, it definitely takes the back burner. :(