Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My ABC's and other random things

Via the lovely Nic of Chevrons & Anchors!
  • A - Age: 28. Just 28. I really dislike this number.
  • B - Bed size: Cozy queen.
  • C - Chore you hate: Folding laundry is the most obvious chore I hate the most.
  • D - Drink of choice: Just water, followed closely by coffee & tea.
  • E - Essential start to your day item: Coffee at the very least, or tea if I ran out.
  • F - Favorite color: CBE86B and similar tones.
  • G - Gold or Silver: Silver-toned jewelry looks better on my skin tone. I like yellow gold, but I don't feel classy enough for it.
  • H - Height: 5'5".
  • I - Instruments you play(ed): I played clarinet for about 6 years; dabbled in piano for 3 years or so.
  • J - Job: Stay at home mama, writer, former healthcare provider, Registered Nurse.
  • K - Kids: Just one.
  • L - Living arrangements: We live in an apartment, just us three.
  • M - Mom's name: Mom :)
  • N - Nicknames: Jules
  • O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Delivering my son was the only overnight stay I've had so far.
  • P - Pet Peeve: Leaving the bath mat on the floor instead of draped over the side of the tub, dirty kitchen sinks, wearing shoes in the house, wearing shoes at all (I love flip flops), people who talk too much. 
  • Q - Quote from a movie: Can't think of one right now (not much of a movie person)
  • R - Right or left handed: Righty
  • S - Siblings: A younger brother.
  • T - Time you wake up: Usually 8 am.
  • U- Underwear: Always.
  • V - Vegetable you dislike: Can't think of any I dislike.  
  • W - What makes you run late: Just my general inability to be anywhere on time. I'm chronically late.
  • X - X-rays you've had: Left elbow, teeth (for orthodontic work), lungs.
  • Y - Yummy food you make: I'm not terribly shabby in the kitchen so most everything I make usually comes out good (tooting my own horn here!).
  • Z - Zoo favorite: Elephants :)
We spent the weekend hanging out with my brother's girlfriend - she drove up on Friday evening to watch Daniel for Gary and I while we drove to a few apartments to scope out (and weed out) a possible future abode. We don't need to move until the end of March or early April so this is just us being proactive. The first two apartments, while in our price range, are not options for us. The third apartment was absolutely lovely and though slightly out of our budget, we could make it work and the amenities makes it well worth it. 

Daniel and I are spending the majority of this work week on our own - Gary will be in Colorado on business through Thursday evening. I'm definitely looking forward to a nice, quite weekend though. My parents will be up on Saturday and I can't wait to see them!

In regard to a previous post I shared about the wonders of the Oil Cleansing Method, I really need to take it back. It ALL needs to be taken back. I gave it a legitimate try, using it once a day, adjusting the ratios of carrier oil to castor oil every few weeks or so but several things were happening that I just could not overlook. One is that my face just was NOT improving. My face wasn't more oily and I really liked the way my skin felt (not tight after I washed, not dry during the day even with minimal application of moisturizer, etc), but the acne wasn't going anywhere. Two (and this was the even bigger issue) was the fact that I broke out in an allergic reaction to something in the oil mixture on my eyelids and upper lip. At first it was just dry, patchy areas but towards the end (mid January), my eyelids were so red and painful from my lash line to almost my brow bone and from the bridge of my nose to the outermost edge of my eye. There was a similar reaction from near the septum of my nose down towards both sides of my lips (inverted V shape). I stopped using the oils going on two weeks ago and those areas are finally looking better; this is the first day that my eyelids aren't red and patchy, though rogue dry spots are still popping up on all three areas. 

Funny enough though, since Daniel and I have stopped nursing earlier this month (so I'm assuming, post-pregnancy hormones are probably FINALLY going back to normal as a result of that), my acne is clearing up on its own. I'm using a run of the mill, organic non-soap skin care line that is available at Target so really, no big deal. I was fairly convinced during this entire 10 months that I had this acne that it was hormone-related but I figured it could be controlled anyway. Oh well, lesson learned!

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