Friday, January 4, 2013

On Me-Time in the Grocery Store

As I was driving home with Daniel from the Japanese market today for some much-needed items that have long since disappeared from our fridge, I decided that I would go to the regular grocery store for the rest of our kitchen staples when Gary got home from work and could watch our boy while I quickly shopped by myself. Daniel fell asleep on the way home and I really did not want to deal with him having a meltdown when I tried to put him back in the car seat to leave to go home, even if our super market is only a few blocks away.

Besides, I did the same thing last week and it. Was. NICE. Walking around the market alone, not feeling the need to verbalize every little thing on my mind to a child who doesn't comprehend what I'm saying anyway, being able to use the front of the cart because it's not being occupied... those sorts of things. The first time I ever dared go to the grocery store by myself, I couldn't believe I even considered this sort of thing having my me-time; back when I was single, I really disliked it. Oh, how the times have changed.

Back to our drive home today, while I sat in silence because Daniel had fallen asleep, I thought "Now, if only it were socially acceptable to have a glass of wine with me while I shopped." That would really just complete my me-time right there. I'm not talking about having a place to sit and sip/taste some wine like Whole Foods does, I'm talking legitimately having a glass of wine in my hand (or, even a special wine glass "cup" holder attached to the shopping cart...). I don't think grocery stores have any idea how great of an idea this is: picture it. Mom's everywhere, congregating in grocery stores without their kids or partners, shopping the aisles and drinking wine - a glass an hour is my limit, but can you imagine a mom who might have had to much to drink? She may feel the need to walk it off, say, and end up spending much more money than she anticipated. It's a win/win! Moms get their me-time while getting a necessary chore done and stores potentially sell much, much more than they would have!

However, I feel like this would open up a whole other can of worms like driving (even slightly) under the influence of alcohol, operating a shopping cart definitely under the influence of alcohol, and possible bar brawls in aisle 5. So.

But a girl can dream, and this mama will just continue to do so, of situations that are completely impossible and really only nice in my imagination. I have a very vivid imagination...


  1. You don't need to dream. Perhaps the stores won't provide a cup holder and a special cup for your wine, but McDonald's cup... very discreet! They don't ask, you won't tell. You get your me-time and they get your money, win/win! :D

    1. Leonard, you are a saint. I might have to bring some wine in a coffee travel tumbler tomorrow. This could be interesting...