Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy December!

I can't believe that the last month of 2012 is finally upon us. It seems like just yesterday when I was holding Daniel in my arms length-wise and nursing him every two hours on demand, completely consumed by everything about him; now, I'm holding this huge toddler on one hip with tripping-induced scratches on his face while nursing a slight red wine-induced hangover with a cup of coffee in my first mother's day mug and finally reveling in gaining parts of my life back. How much life can change in just a year!
My little monkey this time last year - just a few weeks old!

As we near the Holiday season, I stress a little bit more on gifts to give (and decide on giving, to boot). We probably won't be get Daniel much this year since his birthday is only a month before Christmas and he is LOADED on gifts until at least his second birthday. Plus he's only one and won't remember any of this, so the gifts he gets for Christmas this year will be from our parents and other extended family members (and are, hopefully, in the form of clothes or books... NO TOYS!).

I am so looking forward to Christmas. With all the gifts Daniel recieved last year, it felt like they were gifts for me too! As for gifts we are giving, I've been working on hand-made gifts for the ladies of our family but are at a total loss as to what to give our male family members. That fantastic color to the left turned into a pretty yet simple infinity scarf, perfect for my mom! My favorite part about the Holidays is gift-giving so I'm glad that I have some kind of craft that I can make gifts for those I love. Crochet has been such a great skill to have! I'm already planning out what I'm going to make for people next year!

What is your favorite part of the Holiday season?