Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up

Little Man has been talking about a storm lately, using his voice with inflection when he's discovering something (like when he sees the cats at my parents house) and lots of syllables strung together. He's super stuck on b-sounds and has been saying something that sounds like "bi-ha-bi-ha-bi" a lot. It almost sounds like he's telling us to "be happy", which is something Big Man and I need to hear right now.

Other great things about this week:

  • First real minus-baby outing for me in a LONG time happened this past Sunday evening: coffee chit chat w/ a new friend. I can't stand small talk and I have a hard time meeting people because of that, however, when you meet someone through your kids it tends to be a totally different story: immediate connection! Another thing we have in common is that we all just moved here recently. Add coffee and it's just meant to be.
  • Being a bit more thrifty doesn't have to mean "a Top Ramen every night budget" (thanks anyway, AllState). We use WIC, a great social service that really helped me stay nutritious in the early days of life with Little Man and now helps us keep him fed too. They allow me to buy tofu (score!) and things like dried beans (never used them) and quick oats (which I've learned that I suck at preparing...). I'm going out on a limb tonight and trying my hand at making Black Bean Burgers. Sidenote: if you know of any new mom who's brood (or singlehood) is being hit hard at the wallet, tell her to give WIC a try. They support new moms up to their baby's first birthday but will continue to support infants and children! I was apprehensive at first, thinking it was something like food stamps but after giving it a try (after my mom said "you pay taxes, which pays for it, so take advantage of everything!"), I'm so glad I did. I also believe they will give supplemental food/coupons to primary care givers of infants and children as well, i.e. single dads or grandparents with custody.
  • Kendra over at The Darling Blog has these great social media icons available on her blog for free, so I'll be getting those plugged into my blog ASAP! Check them out! They come in a variety of colors and have just the right amount of flair without taking away from the blog itself.
  • Fall weather! It's finally upon us, even us less autumn-weathered folk in the Southern California coastal regions! I've been using this homemade pumpkin spice syrup in my coffee every. single. morning.
  • I don't like to talk too much about finances on the internetz but in this case, it's simply a caveat to what I really want to say. We are penny-pinching HARDCORE; I'm looking for part-time work too, mostly in the off-hours when Big Man is home from work or on weekends. With that said, as I was throwing the cloth diapers into the dryer I thought to myself "Thank goodness for these, I can't imagine how much money we'd be throwing away (literally!) if we used disposable diapers!". Some of the snaps on the diapers have been on the fritz lately, though. Time to fix them!
  • I had the wonders of Greek yogurt masks shared with me recently, so I bought a small container of plain Chobani yogurt just to give it a try; what did I have to lose, if it didn't work I could just eat it! I've been using it daily since and I have to say, I love it! So far, no adverse effects!

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  1. Ah, that's so cute that it sounds like Little Man is saying be happy. We could all heat that right now. Kendra's social media icons are just too cute!