Sunday, October 28, 2012

In love with fall!

Last days of summer.
Despite the above-average heat during the beginning of fall, we're still taking advantage of all the fun festivities this season has to offer. Actually, I take that back... in the beginning of the month, it was beautiful. Beautiful, idyllic fall conditions: crisp, cool air with a hint of moisture coming from the clouds up above. We took advantage of the sweater weather by taking Daniel to his first pumpkin patch!

It turned back into summer time temperatures early the next week though, and has been warm pretty much ever since. While I accept that Southern California will never have the turning-of-leaves, brisk fall air-type autumn weather that I dream of experiencing sometime in my life, the heat has been nice compared to the extreme weather conditions that other parts of the country will be experiencing. Can't complain!
In our favorite fall pieces, plaid!
Since Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year and since I have no idea what kind of activity there will be during that time for families, Gary will more than likely be at work function after leaving the office, etc., we donned Daniel in his very first Halloween costume and went to a family friendly Halloween festival hosted by a community center of a nearby town yesterday. Very cute and served its purpose; our little social butterfly got to play outside with other kids in costume!

Happy Halloween from Daniel Duck!
Gary's parents bought Daniel this adorable Donald Duck outfit while we were visiting them in Japan this year; at the time, it was obviously way too big for him so when we got home, I stored it away. Four months later, we were talking about what he would be for Halloween this year when that outfit came up. I pulled it out and wouldn't you know, it fits perfectly. It was meant to be! I couldn't get over how cute he looked in it and Gary was pleased because his favorite Disney character is Donald.

After Mister Duck went to bed last night, Gary and I sat down and finally carved our pumpkins from the visit to the pumpkin patch. He drew the lines on the pumpkins and while I was putting Daniel down for the night, he was busy sawing away at his (on the left). When I came out of the room, I was surprised to see Totoro's face screaming at me in the dark! I then carved mine (on the right, obviously), best pumpkin I've ever carved in my life!

Have a happy Halloween all and to all my friends who will be in the thick of Hurricane Sandy over the next few days, stay safe and dry!

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