Friday, September 7, 2012

The Friday Fuzz: The Best Cloth Diaper for Night Time

Night time diapering can be a bit of a challenge compared to daytime diapering, especially when you get to the point in your child's life where midnight diaper changes are no longer necessary (but sometimes it's the only thing that will get your little one to go back to sleep; entirely different subject all together). How does one find the best cloth diapers for night time when there are so many different styles and options out there?

We started cloth diapering D when he was 3 months old and at that time, I found it necessary to double up at night or else he'd have a leak (which usually happened on the big bed, since we were doing mostly co-sleeping during much of his first year). Since incorporating fluids and fluid-rich fruits and veggies into my sons diet on top of the 'round the clock nursing he still prefers, D takes in a lot of H2O - and it's going to go somewhere. During the day, we have his diaper routine down pretty much to a science: a FuzziBunz one-size pocket diaper with two inserts (a regular and large size) does the trick without the bulk. At night though, we would put three inserts into the FB pocket - one regular and two large, usually. If anyone has actually looked and handled a FuzziBunz diaper, you will know that they are known for their trim, "just enough" design that handles the business without the bulk of a conventional cloth diaper. So you might also know how incredibly difficult it is to stuff even two inserts into the pocket, let alone a third. We persevered, though, and made the super-stuffed FB diapers work for both day and night.

One morning when he was 8 months old, he woke up with a leak. The same thing happened almost every day that week. At that point I thought it might be build-up in the inserts (which it was and has since been resolved thanks to changing our diaper detergent) but I was ready to try something new. This was the turning point that led me to a different type of cloth diaper - a fitted diaper. I went with a Bamboozle diaper by TotsBots, a non-toxic, eco-friendly diaper made of bamboo rayon and hidden microfiber core. It also comes with a bamboo doubler that snaps into the diaper; both dry very quickly, much quicker line-dried than in the dryer too.

Bamboozle fitted diaper by TotsBots

I purchased two with a Thirsties Duo cover and can I just say how much of a difference this night time system has made on our night time diaper regime? It is SO much easier to put these on him than trying to stuff a pocket diaper with extra inserts, making sure to smooth everything out so that it leaves no creases or a way for pee to escape, and then making the elastics adjusted for daytime use work for three inserts. And the double makes a HUGE difference in how much fluid these fitted diapers can hold. Throwing him in one is super easy with the aplix closures that ensure a snug fit underneath the diaper cover.

While I think any diaper is worth a try, I personally think the Bamboozle fitted diaper by TotsBots is the best cloth diaper for night time. There is a whole movement of natural fiber being used in cloth diapers. Little For Now has a great article about the vast benefits of bamboo fiber as diapers - did you know that bamboo can absorb up to 3 times its weight in water? Not to mention the other benefits, such as its natural antibacterial properties and great sustainability due to its fast growth. The process of creating bamboo textiles is also very eco-friendly, something I feel very good about when I put these on my baby boy's booty. I look forward to putting this diaper to the test for travel when we go on a mini-trip to Las Vegas next month!

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  1. How long did he start sleeping at 3 months, and how long did he start sleeping at 8 months?

    I'm looking to get a couple overnights before baby girl starts leaking too. (I'm so over-prepared, haha)

    1. We stopped over-night diaper changes at 3 months because he wasn't pooping every other diaper change anymore, we found that waking him up w/ a diaper change just for pee was way more trouble for him than it was worth... so he would "sleep" from about 9 or 10 pm to 7 or 8 am. Same as now. The difference is when he wears a paper diaper overnight, there's significant redness on his bottom in the morning whereas with the cloth diapers, there is absolutely none.