Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blog Building Hiccups

I have been meaning to get on here for days to finalize my blog theme and finally open this place up for business... but alas, "meaning to" does not equal "done did" by any stretch of the imagination. There is only one explanation for my inactivity: sheer laziness. Last week, I was on the edge of a breakdown with how tired I was and how much sleeping I did (but still felt exhausted). I let things slide because of it: laundry piled up in the hampers (now I have mountains of clean clothes in my living room, which isn't much better), D lived in paper diapers for a few days (yes, it got that bad), and my small home is in utter disarray. D has been teething something fierce for a few weeks now. He had one tooth on the bottom pop up quite unexpectedly (the third tooth; second to right) and then early last week, G noticed that FOUR of his top teeth were coming in, at the same time! The front tooth and second top tooth on the right are coming in a bit quicker but the other top two teeth have broken gum and are coming in. Yup, so as you can imagine, sleep has been a distant memory these past few weeks while the Tylenol and teething tabs have made an appearance. My sweet boy will have at least 7 teeth by the time 10 months rolls around; I'm hoping the 4th tooth on the bottom, second to the left, will start coming in soon to even things out but so far, there isn't even a white area at the gum line.

And the other night, G said "I'm going to miss seeing his toothless smiles." I know. Our boy is growing too fast. Too fast for me to even enjoy some of the other things in life out of fear that I'll miss something in his.

So along with getting my blog set up, I've been grappling with the idea of opening my own Etsy store and selling some hand-made crochet items for extra money. I've come up with a pretty good, cute idea that I've been scouring the internet for to see if I'd be infringing on anyone else's wonderful idea - nothing. It's honestly the most simple pattern ever, anyone who can do a single crochet and sew can achieve it. There are those people out there who either can't crochet or don't want to, so my shop is mainly for them. There are a couple other things I would like to sell through my Etsy store, including baby blankets. It is my sincere belief that any new mother should have at least ONE handmade blanket for their new child; I made one for myself (which I plan on selling because we never used it) and received 2. Not everyone has the patience or the skill to make a blanket, so I would like to offer an option for those who would rather purchase one. Granted, unlike my first idea (that I don't want to let go of into the public yet), Etsy is SATURATED with baby blankets. I think mine will stand out, though. My style and color choices aren't usually run of the mill. Small and soft they may be, baby blankets can still be beautifully crafted and rich in color.

Lovely bamboo yarn with variegated color scheme in pink, peach, green, and brown with scalloped cream border in yarn by same maker.
I love making baby blankets because the yarn is soft to the touch, not so big so they work up quickly, and can be made in a variety of different ways - simple or elaborate - but still look so wonderfully beautiful in their own way.

Anyway, so that's where I'm at. Expect to see a lot more changes here! I plan on big things for this space!

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  1. Baby D is growing up so quick! At least you've been taking a ton of pictures to remember his "toothless smile" :)

    I can't wait to see you open up your Etsy shop. I think you'll have some super cute items :)