Sunday, September 16, 2012

A (very, very hot) Day at the Park

Lately, I've been feeling really stuck at home and I suspect it's because it's been in the 90s to 100s degree temps all over Southern California and we've been staying home. I mean, I guess it's better this summer than LAST summer, since I was very much pregnant last summer and would have been homicidal if I had to deal with this summer's heat in that state. Anyway. The boys and I went down to San Diego yesterday for a birthday party for a good friend of mine, a sweet friend I met through another. Since Daniel was born, she would visit us occasionally to give us company and bond with the Little Monster. I'm so glad we were able to make it to her celebration, an intimate occasion at a park near her home.

On our drive down, there were tell-tale signs of fires that ended up being in San Diego (just to give you an idea of how big these fires were, I saw them from about 50 miles away). There is a nuclear power plant on the San Diego side of the county line, a couple of miles east of the freeway dividing the plant from the hills was where the fires were. One, all I could see was smoke in the distance while the other was fairly close to the freeway - maybe half a mile. As we drove by, I realized they weren't very big fires but were in isolated areas so perhaps had been burning for quite a while. Still, it was very reminiscent of the wild fires in San Diego from the previous decade, both of which I dealt with.

I really had no idea just how hot it was outside yesterday until we got out of the car in San Diego. Wow. Easily 100+ degrees and it was just past 2 pm. Friends from east county (where it gets significantly hotter than near the coast, which is where we were) said it was 90 degrees by 9 am. With a hot breeze and the bright, cloudless sky, the sun felt like it was burning us through our clothes. Friends set up the party under a huge shady tree which made things much, much more bearable. Nothing a little sitting under the shade with cool drinks couldn't remedy.

Right away, Daniel was a hit with my friend and all of her guests. He did fantastic on the drive, hardly making a peep until right before we got there (which was quieted by his dad paying attention to him, haha) so when we finally got to the picnic spot and set him down, he was very happy. He walked, talked, and made his rounds to everyone there. Such a socialite.

His first real interaction with 'doggie'! What a lover.

With the birthday girl. Don't forget the birthday open mouth/kiss to the chin!

We ended up taking his tank top off because it was so warm, we loaded him up with water and kept him in the shade. His little cheeks still got apple red though, from the heat. 
Via my instagram
Great photos I got from another friend's boyfriend. About the middle shot, please rest assured that Daniel was in fact laughing his little upside-down tail off. That's just the kind of kid he is. He also likes being flung in the air by his very tall father. A dare-devil, this boy. AWe were in San Diego for about 5 hours, made a pit-stop at my parents house and drove home. Daniel, after all the intense activity and heat, fell asleep within minutes of us driving away from the park and snoozed all the way home.


  1. Looks like D had a ton of fun!

    I can't believe all the heat that you guys are having down there! We are barely breaking 80 lol.

    1. I'm SO jealous! I really want to move up there, the weather up there in general is more to my liking.