Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our little fish! Adventures in San Diego

We had a fun-filled weekend in San Diego seeing family and friends! Our trip started early Saturday morning, where after 4 short hours of sleep I rushed around the house getting myself, our overnight bag, the diaper bag, toy bag, and Daniel ready to go. Woo! We were on the road by 8:30 am, which is no small feat for us. Our first stop of the day was a yummy breakfast at the Park House Eatery with my good friend from nursing school and her boyfriend. We caught up over delicious food and said our see-ya's when it was time to head down further south for a baby shower! My lovely friend Stacy had a gender reveal/baby shower and we had such a lovely time; they had it at their community pool, and we know how much munchkin loves the water! The weather had been less than stellar the few days before and our drive down was a little crummy too, so I didn't bring his swim shorts or a cloth diaper for the pool. I brought plenty of extra outfits for him though, so Gary took him in the pool in his shorts he was wearing while Gary wore some soccer shorts. 
They had an awesome spread at the baby shower but I was still so stuffed from breakfast that I could only enjoy a little bit. They had Filipino roast pig (the whole shebang!) and all the yummy sides to go with it. When it was time to reveal the gender, Stacy took a big wrapped and decorated box off the table (ah ha! That's what it's for!) and counted to three, openend the box and 3 pink balloons floated out from within - it's a GIRL!!! Stacy's future step-son, who's almost 5, didn't even know what the gender was so this was a big surprise for him as well (and apparently, a good one as he was hoping for a little sister!). It was lovely to see her in all her glowing pregnancy, baby bump glory - I haven't seen her since he told me she was pregnant almost 7 months ago! When we we got out of the car, Gary and Daniel were the first to see her as I collected our things from the trunk of the car; Gary saw her and said "Wow, you're pregnant!" and with that, I ran around the cars to see her. She looked absolutely lovely!
After the shower, we headed to my parents home. My mom and brother were home waiting for us to get there so we could join my dad at his church for a community function - a fair with lots of different ethnic foods, bake sale, carnival games, "garage" sale, beer garden and live music where all the benefits go to the church. Gary and I chose the same thing like we usually do; a combo plate of Filipino food (I love it!). I wish I took a picture because it was just as beautiful as it was yummy. My parents got the same while my brother got a huge Italian sausage in a roll covered in peppers, onions, and marinara sauce (like I said, LOTS of different ethnic foods!). All the while, Daniel was fast asleep against my back in the ERGObaby carrier, allowing me both my hands and none of us had to wait to eat while we shuffled him around. Good stuff!

I swear, that night was the first night in a while where I felt rested, even with waking up at 5:30 when my parents emerged from their room (why do parents always wake up so early?!?!). The only time I really remember waking up was when I heard Daniel crying; I woke up and found him sitting up on the side of the air mattress. Gary was sleeping on the couch above us, so I guess Daniel rolled off and woke up. I gathered him up into my arms, where he was soothed instantly and fell back asleep. We slept for another couple of hours before my parents were awake. Unfortunately, my mom and brother had to work and my dad went back to the church to volunteer for the final day of the fair; Gary and I did a lot of lying around, catching up on TV, and shortly after lunch I gave my best friend a call to see what she was up to. I am hardly ever in San Diego on a weekend and wanted to see her so badly; fortunately, she was free so we hung out with her and her husband for a few hours while we waited for my dad to get back from church. Daniel did a lot, and I mean A LOT, of crying this weekend because of his teething, so after a while I just couldn't handle it anymore. He needed distraction. My mom, Gary, and I took him to the park a short walk away and let him explore the playground there. Gary swung him in the swing, I went down the slide with him a few times, and he sat on the grass with my mom and I, practicing standing up on his own and walking while Gary recorded it. We got some great video and photos of him from this weekend, it'll be fun to watch in a few years when this weekend is a distant memory.

Oh, the drive home was pretty painful. Daniel would not stop crying until Gary took him out of the carseat. Ugh. I really hate when it comes down to doing that while we're driving, especially on the freeway in the dark. But probably 15 minutes later, Gary was able to put him back in the carseat and he slept the rest of the way home. We hit traffic, so it took a little bit longer to get home than usual. Usually not too bad, but last night I was having a hell of a time keeping my eyes open; I swear every single light from the cars on the other side was blinding, making me blink and increasing my sleepiness. The traffic actually helped keep me awake though, so for that I am thankful.We made it home, with Daniel waking up and crying just as we got off the freeway. Since we bathed him and put him in his pajamas at my parents house, all we had to do when we got home was go lay down on the bed and go back to sleep. Which I did, too. It was such a long weekend that once I lied down on the bed with him, every ounce of motivation to unpack and wind down disappeared.

Thank you, Stacy, for the adorable photos!

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