Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Inside My (diaper)Bag

Ladies (and perhaps even some gents out there in BlogLand) love to blog about what's inside their bag; I've stopped carrying a purse since my son was born. For simplicity's sake, I stuff a few items for myself into our trusty Uhaul diaper bag when we leave the house. Everyone has their own preference for diaper bags - what style they like, is it actually a "diaper bag" or a bag big enough to be one, every little aspect about it is different for everyone. What works fabulously for me will fail miserably for the next parent.
I took a chance with this diaper bag. My maternal grandmother wasn't going to make it to my baby shower, as she had planned for months to travel to our country for her nephew's wedding. She goes back every couple of years and my shower just happened to fall on the tail-end of her travels. No big deal! So she made sure to order my gift before she left, and she even let me choose it. She looked at my gift registry at Babies R Us and noticed that we had two diaper bags on our list; she wanted to buy me the one I really wanted so she waited until we were all at my parent's house (she doesn't have internet at home).
I went with a deceptively spacious (unknown at the time of purchase) J.J. Cole bag with matching accessories - pacifier pod, bottle holder, diaper/wipes pod with changing pad. I was drawn to it because it's fairly unisex pattern and I love the green accents. I went crazy with green things while I was pregnant to stay as gender neutral as possible until Gary said "our kid is going to be sick of green." So I decided to go with a less green alternative.
Just the various odds and ends I manage to stuff into the bag, including cloth diapers. I keep a small stack of paper diapers in it, just in case. Tissues, plastic bags, sippy cup leash, snacks, even a few extra pens and his immunization record stay in my bag at all times. I've recently started keeping my cosmetics case and small cross-body purse in the diaper bag, too. And that little gem of a scarf in the last photo is actually my nursing cover! It's a beautiful, BREATHABLE scarf with a hole at the neck that comes to about my belly button. It's so much cooler than the regular covers out today (Uddercovers, Bebe Au Lait, etc.) for both my little miniature heater and I.
Everything in with lots of room to spare! This doesn't count the extra bag I take along with at least one carrier (wrap or Ergo) and some toys. Kids are so needy!
Is there something you keep in your diaper bag you must absolutely have, not found here?

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