Thursday, March 1, 2012

A breather.

The last month has been a whirlwind for our Trio, I have sat down numerous times to blog but something always pulls me away... OH YEAH, it's motherhood!

Truly though, we have all been so busy but I honestly can't think of anything to start with. I guess I'll just start with me going back to work at the beginning of February. Though, that may end again for a little while as our family has a huge blessing in the works: Gary found a fantastic job, finally. He's been working a dead-end (literally, $15/hour with no opportunity for job growth) job as a contractor for the Navy for about 6 months, job searching and application day and night since he got here to California in June of last year, being such a trooper despite hating everything about this job except for the fact that it was something that paid until he found something he could be proud of. I am so, so proud of his effort to further himself professionally and to provide for our family... but it doesn't come without a price. We'll be moving to Orange County in a few weeks, a little under 2 hours from my parents but still very close to many other extended family member... but still. I've been out of the house for years now but have always been just a stone's throw from my parents, until now.

We are excited, though. I will probably look for a part-time job to help with paying my student loans but Gary is optimistic that I can be a stay-at-home mom. I love the idea of getting to stay home with the little guy but the prospect of not having my own income scares me. I've been working since I was 18, and even during nursing school I worked at least one day a week just to have some spending money. But keeping up with Daniel has put my mind off of everything else; in the past 3 months, I've had plenty of spending money that just kind of... sat there. Anything I bought out of desire has been for Daniel, so I'm thinking not having any spending money won't be as missed as I'm making it out to be.

In other exciting news to keep our family moving, we've made our reservations with the airlines to spend 2 weeks in Japan in July! I can't wait to see our families and friends again, meet his extended family, and introduce Daniel to everyone! We had two potential disasters be completely avoided since purchasing our tickets a few weeks ago: first, we book our flight with a Japanese travel agency. Everything was phenomenal, the service was excellent, and the airfare was CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. We got home to give his mom our itinerary over Skype when he realized why the airfare was just so: the agent misunderstood Gary and book us for April, not July. Fortunately, when we called her to tell her the mistake, the reservation hadn't gone through yet so we were able to cancel without penalty. We booked with Singapore Airlines on Expedia instead and found a decent price (not as cheap as it would have been in April, though). Gary has a positive experience flying Singapore Airlines so I'm optimistic about our travel arrangements.

Fast-forward to when Gary's negotiations over salary are finalized and he is offered the job: we almost pay $1000 to change our reservation before he even knows how the company will react to the news that he will be leaving for 2 weeks in July. He had a discussion with his job placement agent (different company than the one he was hired to) and she disclosed this information to the company. She was very sure 2 weeks would be too long and Gary thought this meant there was a possibility he would not get hired. It was a very tense 12-hours, to say the least. As Gary was on the phone with Expedia to change our reservation, I had a thought - why don't we just wait and see what the company says and then act on it then. Best. Idea. EVER. The company's reaction was "oh well, he booked it before he was hired". Oh, and did I mention that Gary drove 3 hours in the rain, was half an hour late, and had a cold on his initial interview? He is my hero <3

So we've had our first family cold, thanks to Gary's current workplace. I got it about a week after he did and now our little dude has the crud too. He's handling it surprisingly well, the only real headache is at night when he wakes up crying multiple times a night. I hope he feels better soon because as adorable as it is, I hate hearing him sneeze and cough so much.

That's it for now, no pictures because the little guy is stirring in his sleep and I want to publish this entry before he wakes up and demands my undivided attention...!

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