Friday, February 10, 2012

The days suddenly feel longer...

What a whirlwind week and a half it's been, I don't even remember what all it was that I actually did besides this one thing: I went back to work. I was struggling with myself (and our pocketbook) over just how "back to work" I should be now that Daniel is here and I realized that I can't go part-time, even if I wanted to. My student loans are way too high a payment each month to dump, along with all the other bills, onto Gary's shoulders. However, I was faced with the issue that in spite of the 12 hour shifts I could work on the weekends, I would still be 12 hours short every week; where would these extra hours come from that I absolutely needed?

My boss is officially my lifesaver. Her and my supervisor have started a pilot project in which I would be able to work 4 hours a night after Gary got home. So working 3 evenings a week got me those 12 hours I would otherwise be short on. WOW!

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