Monday, January 30, 2012

Just a little pinch! and other lies we tell our kids.

Daniel had his 2 month check-up today along with his vaccines. I can hear all the anti-vaccine moms out there cringe at this and I too was on the fence about it throughout my pregnancy and right after his birth. I even opted out of getting his Hep B shot in the hospital, using the excuse of not wanting him to be exposed to too much during his first few days of life (he had a mild case of jaundice that they took blood 3 times for, such was my reasoning).

I decided, however, as a healthcare provider and a recipient of vaccines myself, that I couldn't justify not getting him vaccinated. I couldn't come up with a single reason. So today, along with his check-up, I authorized his first round of vaccines. It was heartbreaking to see him get poked by those dumb needles that I just barely got over myself less than a decade ago (I've always had a fear of needles... now I think I know why most people do), and the look on his face after each poke (3, and the nurse was great about giving them) brought out mama bear instinctively with every red-faced, breathless cry he let out. I saw my newborn baby all over again every time his little forehead and eyes scrunched up, "THIS HURTS!!!". I  know, baby... I know. Fortunately, he let me calm him down fairly quickly and while occasionally letting out a small whimper during the walk to the car, he fell right to sleep when I strapped him into the car seat and got into the car. He woke up briefly when I called Gary and fussed, so I fed him and now he's asleep peacefully. He's even smiling in his sleep, so I don't think he feels that bad...

In other news, he's in the 90th percentile for weight (14 lbs 1 oz) and 75th percentile for height (24 inches). My little heffer! I am so happy for his weight, I know that he is a thriving little boy and that I am producing enough for him. Proud mama moment right there! He's was totally adorable to the nurse practitioner, smiling and talking to her during her exam and crying only when she looked into his ears with the scope. I have been dreading this day since I made the appointment so I'm glad it's over, but his 4 month check up will be here before I know it and I'll be in the same anxious mama mode all over again. Haha...

Daniel has this amazing ability to know, in his early age, just how and when to be good and be difficult. He's getting better at the crying thing, doing it less at home and letting us console him faster than when he was a newborn. I was amazed by him last Wednesday when we drove to and from Yuma for my job interview (which I didn't get, fortunately) and he was such a good boy all day, and then today when he cried for only a short time for a reason none of us can blame him for (I STILL hate needles, and I'm a nurse!). We went out to dinner last night with friends of Gary who flew in from Japan for a work conference this week, he was bright-eyed and attentive all throughout dinner. Nobody really believes that he cries as much as he does at home (except for those who know, like my family). I look at these events and as I look back at how much he used to cry when he was a newbie, I am amazed at the growth I'm witnessing. I love being his mother, so very much.

P.S. He's sleeping right now, in his crib like a good boy :)

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